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The Scholarship Programme continues to grow

11 March 2019 19:05 | Daniel Muller (Administrator)

NZEIA have identified a pending shortage of Electrical Inspectors and

NZEIA have identified a pending shortage of Electrical Inspectors and initiated a Scholarship Programme.  Many of the current Electrical Inspectors have come from Electric Power Board days, and as the general population ages many have retired, and others are due to retire in the next couple of years.

To encourage Electricians to upgrade to an Inspectors licence, NZEIA is offering sponsorships to assist this to happen. $500 is awarded to successful applicants on gaining their Inspector registration. The programme is open to NZ registered Electricians. Successful applicants are expected to be practicing as Inspectors in New Zealand within six months of gaining registration. There are 5 Electrical Industry Companies supporting NZEIA in this programme. Currently, three applicants have completed the programme, and there are seven going through the process.

Electrotest, Firstflex and Nexans sponsored our programme last year (2018), and they committed their support for this year too.

Athol negotiated with two more companies, and we can announce that Carrel-Electrade and Schneider Electric have also joined our programme.

We are excited about the impact this initiative will have on our numbers in the future.

On 20 February 2019, Andrew Drummond became the latest to receive his sponsorship prize after completing his Inspectors Course in the Waikato.

Well done, and congratulations from all of us!

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