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The Next Phase of our NZEIA Development

03 August 2020 13:06 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

We have had an AGM which resulted in a change of personnel in different offices.

New President Peter MacMillan

New Vice President Steve Pay

Treasurer remains as Craig Mitchell

New Secretary – NZEIA has now employed the professional services of Heidi Sixtus.

The Executive & Functioning Offices have decided to change the meeting timetable significantly to cater for the wider membership with a focus being given to local branch meetings. With this change has come the establishment of the North Island Central Ward, South Island Northern Ward, and South Island Central Ward.

NZEIA now has 8 Wards with an Executive member to run each ward.

NINW North Island Northern Ward (Warren Harris)

NIWW North Island Western Ward (Athol Gibson)

NIEW North Island Eastern Ward (Vacant currently)

NICW North Island Central Ward (Matt Lacey)

NISW North Island Southern Ward (Richard Gibbens)

SINW South Island Northern Ward (Vacant currently)

SICW South Island Central Ward (Allan Stack)

SISW South Island Southern Ward (Rob Silcock)

NZEIA has continued the development of Functioning Officers:

Communications Manager (Sam Ponga)

Scholarship Manager (Athol Gibson)

Website Upgrade Web designer – NZEIA has now employed the professional services of Jess Godfrey

Standards representatives (John McAlpine, Steve Pay)

Technical Engineer Sound & Vision for General and AGM meetings (Daniel Muller)

Membership Officer (Steve Pay)

Website Forum Manager (Warren Harris)

NZEIA has been working on the production of a complimentary Check Sheet to our Consumer Mains & Earth Check Sheet that is designed to facilitate the final connection to an upgraded or new Electrical Installation. This is designed to help Electrical Inspectors and Power Network Companies to become more consistent in ensuring the connections and installations are safe to liven. It also ensures that certificates required (COC, ROI, ESC) are completed.

NZEIA is currently working on a General Domestic Installation Check Sheet to assist Electrical Inspectors to perform a thorough inspection of a dwelling, creating a professional and consistent approach from all our members. (It may be utilised as a tool to help Electrical inspectors find work to do when things get a bit quiet as a small side benefit).

We are also working on 4 other check sheets; Solar installations, EV Charging Station Installations, Caravans, Body protected Areas. These check sheets will only be available to NZEIA Members for use.

Our NZEIA Scholarship programme is going very well.

We have had 40 Candidates in our programme since its conception. Of the 40 Candidates 10 have completed their scholarship and now operate as Electrical Inspectors. We currently have 30 Candidates in training.

Our key focus this year is to provide Electrical Inspector training at our Regional / Ward meetings.

Currently, our website is under redevelopment. The intention is for it to become easier for members to use and display more relevance.

We have revised our annual meeting schedule format to offer our members a greater opportunity to have face to face contact:

We will hold 3 x General meetings and 1 x AGM in Palmerston North. (Any member or visitor will be welcome at these meetings).

Wards will hold meetings 4 times a year with some including a Zoom Format. (This is to help our members attend face to face meetings).

Additional to this we plan to hold an Executive and Functioning Officers meeting on Zoom 6 times per year – and even more if necessary.

Considering and despite the difficulties, COVID -19 has placed on all of us, we have moved into the next phase of our associations' development to tackle compliance issues and help our members keep up with the changing technologies we become faced with.

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