Scholarships are being offered to New Zealand registered practicing Electricians to study and gain NZ Electrical Inspectors registration.


Scholarships are being offered to New Zealand registered practicing electricians to study and gain NZ Electrical Inspectors registration.

Only one application can be made per person to gain initial Inspector registration.


A prerequisite is that the applicant has been practicing as a registered electrician in New Zealand for at least 10 years.

Being Offered

We offer a sponsorship to the value of $500.00. This will be paid on presentation of Inspectors registration upon successful passing of the Inspectors examination.

We are presently  (as of 24 Feb 2020) negotiating a special price deal with a test equipment supplier for an installation tester. Please revisit this page in a couple of days. The HT Italia 4019 mentioned here previously is no longer available.


As an outcome it is required that within 6 months of passing the examination you will be practicing as an Inspector, and that you will continue to practice in New Zealand for at least 2 years.

You will be given membership of NZEIA for 2 years and will be expected to abide by the rules and ethics of NZEIA. A condition of the free membership is that the recipient will be expected to attend the bi-monthly meetings.

What is Required

The applicant must be prepared to devote necessary time to study towards this qualification;

Level of study could be by either of the following options:

  1.   Weekly night classes at an approved local training Institute and any practical assessment or study associated with that course, or
  2.     Attend a 2 week block course at an approved training Institute in the 2 weeks prior to the examination. With this method candidate may be requested to carry out some study to refresh on Regulations and Standards before attending the block course.
  3.  Theory part “On-line” and practical portion at the Associated training Institute

At the completion of the chosen course, sit the EWRB Electrical Inspectors examination.

Legislation, regulations and relevant standards will be downloaded from the candidates EWRB profile.

Successful candidate to report to NZEIA after 12 months experience on progress to date.

Appplication Process

Appplications are free.

The application form can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlink here: APPLICATION FORM-T.docx

Please submit the completed application form to:

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