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Welcome to the New Zealand Electrical Inspectors Association (NZEIA).

We are a network of likeminded safety professionals who support each other. Our members are New Zealand registered Electrical Inspectors and Electrical Engineers able to provide up-to-date compliance advice and guidance enabling electrical workers to deliver safe electrical installations.

NZEIA membership is based on our three-core principles requiring us to be Competent, Compliant and Consistent.

Being Competent means ensuring our members are current in their work practices and knowledge, within their areas of interest. Members receive advice, training, and up-to-date information as a way of maintaining their competency. This leads to delivering electrical installations that meet the requirements detailed in the Electricity Act, the Electricity (Safety) Regulations, and any applicable Standards.

Being Compliant and ensuring compliance is about providing Members with the means to create, construct and maintain relevant Certification processes in conjunction with practitioners by supporting them with one-on-one guidance and by using our easy-to-use checking systems.

NZEIA enables us to strive to be Consistent by meeting together to share our views and to learn best methods in the way we carry out our work, how we deliver our services, and how we interpret the many Regulations, Standards, and Guidelines that exist. We’re serious about ensuring that electrical safety is being achieved and able to be maintained.

Inspectors and Engineers have a vital responsibility to verify the safety of high-risk electrical work. This responsibility carries a legal obligation to conduct whatever tests and actions are required to ensure that installations will be electrically safe when their work is completed.

This website is divided into two areas.

  • For non Electrical inspectors or Electricians, we provide items of general News, there is information on recent and/or upcoming Events, we invite qualifying people to Join and we have a Directory of local members who you can contact to get ‘best advice’. We have members throughout New Zealand.
  • For our Members, we have a Questions and Answer section, a lively Forum, and we provide access and guidelines to our Checksheets and other valuable documents.

Being a member of NZEIA is about getting the three-C’s right, every time!

    Become a Member

    Members log in to this website and access the member only content via the members menu.

    Member only content includes;

    1. Member only news,
    2. Access to the full member directory,
    3. Forums, where members can ask questions which are answered by other inspectors with specialist knowledge on the subject,
    4. NZEIA Documents, including; 
        • Check sheets, guides and  codes,
        • other information developed through the collaboration of members of this association,
        • Meeting agendas and minutes of past meetings.

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